There are plenty of native Linux options for torrent sharing.

However, utorrent remains lightweight, even in addition to wine. The System Tray icon works as expected, as does the web interface. The only downside is being unable to easily make it the default torrent application.

sudo apt-get install wine

Then download the latest utorrent (v1.8.1 works).
Or use wget if necessary:

wget http://download.utorrent.com/1.8.1/utorrent.exe

Install utorrent:

wine ~/utorrent.exe

Ask it to install in the default directory, and create all shortcuts as offered. This creates a .desktop file in your home directory, which just needs editing. Delete the existing Icon line, and add the following:


Lots of icons are available in the utorrent forum.

Then copy it to the usual location at /usr/share/applications using your Root access File Manager (it uses the latin mu character, which I'm uncertain how to use in the Terminal).

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