Configure Dvb

Intrepid error:
Add to /etc/fstab:
/dev /dev/.static/dev bind remount,rw 0 0

sudo apt-get install dvb-utils xmltv

mkdir ~/.xine
mkdir ~/.mplayer

Looks for devices in /dev/dvb, but dvb-utils installs in .static
sudo ln -s -t /dev /dev/.static/dev/dvb

sudo apt-get install make build-essential linux-headers-generic
double-click (xarchiver)
cd ~/rtl (Tab)
sudo make install
sudo reboot

sudo scan /usr/share/doc/dvb-utils/examples/scan/dvb-t/uk-Wenvoe > ~/.xine/channels.conf
cp ~/.xine/channels.conf ~/.mplayer/channels.conf

Look in /usr/bin for tv_grab… (local version)
tv_grab_rt_uk —configure
Select appropriate settings
tv_grab_rt_uk > ~/.freevo/TV.xml
May have to edit out any non-standard characters (e.g. £ / ' etc) from this file - need to find a way to sort this automatically.

If make changes to channel list, need to:

sudo rm /home/freevo/cache/TV.xml.pickled

Edit CHANNEL = None in .py file!!!! - see channels.conf & TV.xml
freevo cache
tv_grab_uk_rt —gui TermNoProgressBar —days=10 > ~/.freevo/TV.xml

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